Product Arrival (19-Dec-19)

CodeCustomer NameC/M/NQtyPicture
AE-Nov19-187White, XL1
AE-Nov19-164Augustina Onti Baidya31Kbho-sd1bjx…For Xiaomi Mi CC91
AE-Nov19-144Gulshan Ara Sums12A-2.5×5.7 cm1
AE-Nov19-39Hasan MahmudCamel1
AE-Nov19-128Ishtiaque HossainHei8, XL1
AE-Nov19-129Ishtiaque HossainHei13, XL1
AE-Dec19-16Marzia NehrazPink1
AE-Nov19-175Md. Mokhlasur Rahmann/a1
AE-Nov19-176Md. Mokhlasur RahmanBlack1
AE-Nov19-149Md. Nafiul Haquen/a1
AE-Dec19-15Mokhlasur Rahman Khanblack1
AE-Nov19-134Siam Bin Azizn/a1
AE-Nov19-135Siam Bin Azizn/a1
AE-Dec19-29Sourav Dasn/a1
AE-Nov19-35Syek Mohammed Moin Uddin5ml2
AE-Nov19-49Tomisra ChwodhuryNJDY4211
AE-Nov19-50Tomisra ChwodhuryNJDY8281
AE-Nov19-51Tomisra ChwodhuryNJDY889511
AE-Nov19-62তাবাসসুম দিবাN718-1 Gold Color1
AE-Nov19-63তাবাসসুম দিবাN784 Gold Color1

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**If your product came with tax, you have to pay the tax. Or else your product will not deliver to you. So check the invoice before order.

*Inbox us on our Facebook Page if all of the products have arrived already within Friday 11:59 PM to get your product/s within this Monday. 🙂
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