Product Arrival (12-Dec-19)

CodeCustomer NameC/M/NQtyPicture
AE-Nov19-186Asif Sami41 
AE-Nov19-162Augustina Onti BaidyaGray1 
AE-Nov19-08Ishtiaque HossainGray1 
AE-Nov19-09Ishtiaque HossainBlack1 
AE-Nov19-10Ishtiaque HossainBlack & White1 
AE-Nov19-11Ishtiaque Hossainn/a1 
AE-Oct19-49Mahabub IrinN/a1 
AE-Nov19-181Marzia Afrose131 
AE-Nov19-182Marzia Afrose141 
AE-Nov19-173Md. Mokhlasur RahmanBlack1 
AE-Nov19-174Md. Mokhlasur RahmanY61 
AE-Nov19-177Md. Mokhlasur Rahman20- 10pcs1 
AE-Nov19-146Md. Nafiul Haqueall10 
AE-Nov19-151Md. Nafiul Haquepurple1 
AE-Nov19-21Nur Na HerBrown1 
AE-Nov19-22Nur Na HerGray1 
AE-Oct19-15Pushpita piablack1 
AE-Nov19-171Sabiha Kabitablack, M1 
AE-Nov19-32Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaBrown1 
AE-Nov19-94Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaPink and bracelet2 
AE-Nov19-95Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaBlack and bracelet2 
AE-Nov19-96Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaWhite and bracelet2 
AE-Nov19-97Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaRed and bracelet2 
AE-Nov19-98Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaBrown and bracelet2 
AE-Nov19-101Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaSet Model 21 
AE-Nov19-102Sharika Tabassum Hossain Toshaset Model 41 
AE-Nov19-104Sharika Tabassum Hossain Toshaset Model 61 
AE-Nov19-105Sharika Tabassum Hossain Toshaset Model 71 
AE-Nov19-106Sharika Tabassum Hossain Toshaset Model 81 
AE-Nov19-107Sharika Tabassum Hossain Toshaset Model 91 
AE-Nov19-108Sharika Tabassum Hossain Toshaset Model 111 
AE-Nov19-109Sharika Tabassum Hossain Toshaset Model 121 
AE-Nov19-111Sharika Tabassum Hossain Toshaset Model 211 
AE-Nov19-112Sharika Tabassum Hossain Toshaset Model 241 
AE-Nov19-119Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaX XS, 28 Pink Sand1 
AE-Nov19-120Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaX XS, 33 Stone1 
AE-Nov19-121Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaX XS, 31 Cosmos Blue1 
AE-Nov19-122Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaX XS, 5 White1 
AE-Nov19-123Sharika Tabassum Hossain ToshaX XS, 08 Black1 
AE-Nov19-124Sharika Tabassum Hossain Tosha6 6S, 5 White1 
AE-Nov19-130Siam Bin Azizn/a1 
AE-Nov19-136Siam Bin Aziz2.5cm black1 
AE-Nov19-45Tomisra ChwodhuryBJCS710251 
AE-Nov19-46Tomisra ChwodhuryFCS263511 
AE-Nov19-47Tomisra ChwodhuryFCS1341 
AE-Nov19-48Tomisra Chwodhury BP0013-041 
AE-Nov19-30Zahir Ahmed RazuNavy Blue1 

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**If your product came with tax, you have to pay the tax. Or else your product will not deliver to you. So check the invoice before order.

*Inbox us on our Facebook Page if all of the products have arrived already within Friday 11:59 PM to get your product/s within this Monday. 🙂
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