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Pricing in BDT

  • For 0.01$ to infinity $
  • Dollar Rate: 90 TK/ USD

Shipping Charge and Time

Check the shipping methods. There are many of them. Some are at a low cost and some are free. It will take a minimum of 30-45 days to arrive in Bangladesh. If you want your product/s quickly like 10 days, You have to select the costly once such as DHL, UPS, FeDex, EMS and also you have to pay the charges mentioned there.

Confirming the order/s

You have to pay the full amount in advance via bKash/Rocket/Bank/Cash.


i) bKash/Rocket: Up to 10,000 BDT 
ii) Bank: Any amount over 10,000 BDT
iii) Cash: Any amount

We will provide you the information about payment details with the invoice.

Delivery Charge

i) 100 BDT- in Dhaka. (Not the Sub-Area) (for corona)
ii) 120 BDT- Out of Dhaka. (including Dhaka sub-area)

For every 10 products/ Every 500gm / One Invoice, you have to pay 1 delivery charge. The delivery charge also may vary on your product/s size.


There will be no tax/vat with under $5 product/s. Heavy products/s and Expensive Products over $5 (like Mobile, Computer, and Accessories, Tab, Smart Watch, Camera, etc.) usually come with tax/vat. If any of your products come with tax, you have to pay those. Or else we could not be able to deliver the item/s. We will provide you the tax/vat paper which will be given by Bangladesh Customs.

Refund Policy

If your product/s do not come to us within 90 days after they have shipped, you will get a refund for that product as mentioned amount on the invoice we provided. You can use this amount in 3 ways:

i) re-order it, 
ii) order something else, 
iii) collect the refund amount from us. But it will take 7-10 days to get the cash.

N:B: bKash/Rocket/Nagad charge is non-refundable

Product Quality

We will import the product/s from the link you provided. In this case, we won’t take any responsibility for product quality. So please be sure about the product quality by checking reviews given there by other customers before confirming the order.